How do I get to TORP?

TORP Sandefjord airport is located in Vestfold County, about 110 kilometer south of Oslo. You can easily get here by car, bus or train. If you arrive by train, a shuttle bus will transport you to the terminal building (approx 4 minutes).

To get to TORP by car:

From Oslo
Go south on E18 towards Vestfold/Kristiansand. Exit the E18 at Foksrød, just north of Sandefjord. The exit is clearly marked.

From Kongsberg
Take highway 40 to Hvittingfoss and follow Highway 32/35 to E18 in Sande. Proceed towards Larvik and Sandefjord. Exit as described above.

From Fredrikstad/Østfold
Go north on E6 towards Oslo. Take the exit marked Moss and follow the road signs to the Moss-Horten ferry. When you arrive in Horten follow the signs towards Larvik/Sandefjord to E18. Exit E18 at Fokserød, north of Sandefjord. Follow signs to the airport.

From Kristiansand
Go north on E18. Do not take the exit marked Sandefjord, but the next exit to Fokserød.

After you turn off the E18 at Fokserød, Sandefjord Airport Torp is only three kilometres away. The exit and the road leading to the airport are clearly marked.

Distances to TORP

Stokke   5 km                            Porsgrunn

54 km

Sandefjord       10 km


63 km

Larvik 22 km Drammen

70 km

Tønsberg 24 km Kongsberg       

90 km

Horten 38 km Oslo