The Narvesen kiosk offers chocolates, newspapers, magazines and books. It has a selection of toiletries, accessories, a limited number of children's toys, a tiny chemists shop and other items for those "last minute buys" before your flight leaves.


Tanum bookshops are one of Norway's biggest independent bookshops.
Tanum are known to have qualified employees, a wide range of different types of books and high service.

The shop at the airport aim to have books easy accessible for people travelling. The product types are travel guides, Norwegian and English literature, love, crime, science fiction, as well as children's books and politics.

Tanum also have several Norwegian articles as

  • pens, paper  
  • special stockings for flying
  • ear plugs
  • different pillows
  • first aid equipment
  • different locks
  • adapters
  • baggage straps og baggage tags
  • electrical toothbrush
  • "Acustrap": two pieces if bracelets to help against travel ickness