TORP Sandefjord airport  – was ment to be an American airbase

The Norwegian Government informs NATO that they will not accept American forces in Vestfold during peacetime. No soldiers or aircrafts were to be stationed here. In spite of that – NATO informed the Norwegian Government that they would finance an airport in Sandefjord.

The history of Torp started as a memorandum from NATO`s military headquarter to the Norwegian Government in 1951. The Head of Air Force North Command, American General Robert K. Taylor, thought the Airforce in Northern Europe was too weak and that the NATO countries had too few aircrafts. NATO wanted to station 75 American fight bombers and 3000 American soldiers at the airport. If this wish had been granted, the history of Vestfold would have been very different during the past 50 years and perhaps Sandefjord had been known as a garrison town rather than a whaling town.

Sandefjord Airport is established

Building new terminal for handling 300 000 passengers

244 597 passengers. The first low cost airline, Ryanair, starts operating from Torp

Opening of Gardermoen Airport, the main airport of Norway