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Lost & Found

Lost & Found

All lost and left luggage found in the terminal building is taken care of by the Servicecenter in the terminal and can be picked up there. Items will be stored for two months before they are destroyed or passed on to the police.

lost items/handluggage

TORP Servicecenter keeps all items and handluggage found at the airport and on board all airlines flying in to TORP Sandefjord airport.  

All items found at TORP are registered and made available within 24 hours on the online Lost & Found platform MissingX. The site is updated regularly. Click here to search for lost and found on MissingX.

Missing checked-in luggage

Widerøe luggageoffice keeps lost checked-in luggage on all airlines flying in to TORP Sandefjord airport. However, it's the airlines that keeps best track of your luggage, so it might be  good idea to check out their sites first:  

  • KLM (information, tracing and contact)
  • Ryanair (information and tracing)
  • Wizzair (information and contact)
  • Widerøe (information, tracing and contact)
  • Norwegian (information and tracing)


Lost hand-luggage or other personal belongings? Contact our Servicesenter:
Tel. +47 33 42 70 00
E-mail: service@torp.no

Lost checked-in luggage? Contact Widerøe luggage-office:
Tel. +47 989 01 256
International calls: +47 671 20 551 (monday-friday: kl 07-22, saturday kl. 07-14 and sunday kl. 11:30-21)
E-mail: bag.TRF@wideroe.no