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Security control

Security at TORP

Before the security control

Use a minute or two to make your things ready before you get in line for the security control.
Pack all containers holding liquids in a transparent plastic bag with a volume of 1 litre. Plastic bags will be available at the airport.

Place all metal objects (keys, coins, mobile phones etc) in your handbag or coat before the x-ray.
Shoes and belts with metal inserts that may cause the metal detector to react must be sent through the x-ray machine.

Laptops and the plastic bags containing liquids must be removed from the luggage for visual inspection by security staff. Suitable plastic boxes are provided.

Keep your distance to the person in front of you when passing through the metal detector. Manual spot checks of passengers and hand luggage may occur even though they have passed through the metal detector or X-ray machine without incident.

All travellers must go through the security control. The control will be done manually if you are in a wheelchair or have implants. It is safe for you to pass through the metal detector even if you have a pacemaker or depend on a hearing aid.