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Torp Booking
Time Flight Location Airline Status
08:55 FR8509 Gdansk Ryanair Departed 08:46
09:30 WF406 Bergen Widerøe
09:30 WF482 Trondheim Widerøe Gate closed
09:35 W62080 Lublin Wizz Air Gate closed
10:00 WF305 København Widerøe Go to Gate
12:45 FR8507 Kraków Ryanair
13:05 WF414 Bergen Widerøe
Time Flight Location Airline Status
08:00 W61743 Gdansk Wizz Air Arrived 07:46
08:30 FR8510 Gdansk Ryanair Arrived 08:10
09:00 W61215 Katowice Wizz Air Arrived 08:56
10:25 UX825 Palma de Mallorca Air Europa
12:20 FR8508 Kraków Ryanair
12:40 WF411 Bergen Widerøe
13:50 WF306 København Widerøe
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