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Travel information

Travel information for travelers arriving or departing Norway.

Corona info

Travel restrictions

  • There are no entry restrictions to Norway due to the corona situation.

Rules upon entry into Norway

  • There are no corona related rules upon entry Norway. The rules are now the same as before the corona pandemic.

Are you departing Norway?

  • Arrive at TORP as normally
  • Read more on travel restrictions and Coronavirus measures across all european countries here: reopen.europa.eu/en/ (download the app or visit the website. In multiple languages).

Opening hours

  • The terminal is not open over night. Click here for Terminal opening hours.
  • Click here for opening hours of the Service center.
  • There are food and beverage services open in correspondance to all flights. There are also vending machines available on different locations in the terminal.
  • The duty free shops are open on all international arrivals and departures.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Airline's helpsenter and frequently asked questions in regards to your booking:

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