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Parking at torp airport


If you pre-book your parking online, you will get a small discount. Pre-book parking at Torp here. If you don't pre-book, pay your parking on your way home either on the ticket-machine, in the Apcoa Flow-app (Appstore or Google Play) or online within 48 hours. 

Free parking up to 10 minutes

Both the lower and upper Short-term parking area (see map above) works as a "kiss and fly" area, which means free of charge up until 10 minutes in order to quickly pick up or let off passengers. In other words, if you leave the parking area within ten minutes, the parking is free and you can just drive home. If you park longer than ten minutes you must pay for the parking as described below.

How to pay; ticketmachine, invoice, app or online

Visitors can use the on-site ticketmachine to pay for the parking. Remember: you pay when you leave. However, we recommend you to download the Apcoa Flow parking app (Appstore or Google Play). You can also pay online at Apcoa Flow within 48 hours after you leave the parking area at TORP. If you do not pay while you are here, an invoice will be sent by mail. 


TORP has 460 parking spaces in the garage located next to the terminal building. It should be easy, comfortable and effective to use the parking garage at the airport. Electronic signposts by the entrance to the parking garage show the current number of spaces available on each floor.

P2 and Outdoor long-term parking

In addition to the garage there are 1720 outdoor parking spaces for long-term parking. Here you can also park in our garage (P-hus 2) for the same price as the outdoor parking.

Short-Term parking

There are also 150 short-term parking spaces. Take a left in the first roundabout when you arrive at the airport premises.  If you are picking up or dropping off passengers at the airport, please use the short-term parking spaces located in the front of the terminal building.

CHARGING POINT Electric vehicles

There are 42 spaces reserved for electric vehicles, each with their own charging point. The charging is free while parking is ordinary price for long-term parking. These 42 spaces are all located at the outdoor long-term parking area. Car charger fault? Call 33 42 70 30 or send an email to post@torp.no.

Opening hours

The parking garage/area is attended during the airport's opening hour, but it is also possible to pick up cars outside opening hours. All parking at the owner's risk.

Prices TORP Parking (All prices in NOK)

P-area 1 hour Per 24h 1 week (8 days) 2 week (15 days) 3 week (22 days)
P-house 1 75,- 235,- 990,- 1 490,- 1 990,-*
P-house 2 / Long term outside 60,- 150,- 750,- 950,- 1195,-*
Upper short term ** ** ** ** **
Lower short term  *** *** *** *** ***

* An axtra of 70,- per 24  hours for parking exceeding 3 weeks in P-house 1 and 35,- per 24 hours for parking exceeding 3 weeks in P-house 2/Long term outside
** Upper short term: 25,- for every started 20 min or at a maximum daily rate at 500,- if the parking continues.
*** Lower short term: 25,- for every started 15 min or at a maximum daily rate at 1500,- if the parking continues.

Pre-book your parking

If you pre-book your parking at TORP, you'll get the best spots to discount prices!

Pre-book your parking online here

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