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Bagasje på TORP

The airlines have different rules for checked baggage. Check your airlines website for more information.

Please pack your bags correctly

The EU has prepared a list of items that are banned from both cabin and checked baggage when travelling by plane. We have provided an overview of what you may and may not bring with you in the cabin and checked baggage. The list of banned items is intended to be of assistance to everyone travelling by plane. Note that the list will never be finalized and that it must be considered informational. The security personnel will exercise discretion when enforcing the rules. If you are in any doubt with respect to items you intend to take with you, please contact your local airport.

Checked Baggage

The following substances and items may not be placed in the hold or checked baggage: explosives, including detonators, fuses, grenades, mines and dynamite  gases: e.g. propane, butane flammable liquids, including petrol and methanol flammable solids or reactive substances, including magnesium, percussion caps, fireworks, flares oxidants and organic peroxides including bleaching agents and body repair equipment for cars toxic or contagious substances including rat poison and infected blood radioactive materials including medical or commercial isotopes corrosive substances including mercury, car batteries, etc. parts of cars’ fuel systems that have contained fuel.


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