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Corona information

Corona information for travelers arriving or departing Norway.

Corona info

Travel restrictions

  • Can I travel to Norway now? Read more about who can travel to Norway on helsenorge.no/en/travel (in multiple languages). 
  • All persons travelling are required to familiarise themselves with important information about entry registration, entry quarantine, test obligation and quarantine hotels. Read more here: helsenorge.no/en/travel (in multiple languages).
  • A hotline for questions relating to entry, testing and quarantine has been established on telephone +47 21 93 78 40 (from abroad) or 81 55 50 15 (from Norway)

Rules upon entry into Norway

  • Different rules apply whether you have been fully vaccinated/undergone Covid-19 or not, as well as the country you are traveling from. Read all about the rules upon entry at helsenorge.no/en/travel (in multiple languages).

Are you departing Norway?

  • Arrive at TORP as normally recommended. There are no more queues than usual at check in. 
  • Read more on travel restrictions and Coronavirus measures across all european countries here: reopen.europa.eu/en/ (download the app or visit the website. In multiple languages).
  • If your final destination requires a certificate of a negative COVID-19 test upon arrival, the Drop-In legene offers Covid-19 at the airport before departure. For opening hours and prices, read more here: dropin-legene.no/en

Opening hours

Airline's helpsenter and frequently asked questions in regards to your booking:

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