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Corona information for travelers arriving or departing Norway.

Corona på TORP

Travel restrictions

  • All persons travelling are required to familiarise themselves with important information about entry registration, entry quarantine, test obligation and quarantine hotels. Read more here: entrynorway.no (multiple languages).
  • Only norwegian citizens and foreign nationals who reside in Norway will be permitted to enter Norway. There are excemptions.
  • A hotline for questions relating to entry, testing and quarantine has been established on telephone +47 21 93 78 49 (from abroad) or 81 55 50 15 (from Norway)

Requirement for all travellers from abroad

  • You are required to fill in the travelling registration form before your arrival in Norway. Fill it out digitally here. You may also download and print it in English, Polish, Rumanian or Lithuanian and hand it in upon arrival. The form is to be handed in to the border control at the airport upon arrival. A hotline for help with the electronic registration form can now offer assistance in Polish, Romanian, Russian and Lithuanian via telephone +47 33 41 28 70. 
  • You need to bring verification that your COVID-19 test was negative. This test must be taken within 24 hours before arrival. Read more here.
  • You are obligated to take the COVID-19 test imediately upon arrival to Norway. The test can be taken for free in the baggage claim area at TORP at arrival. NB: The test center is only available to arriving international passengers.
  • You must remain in quarantine for 10 full days upon arrival. From March 29, anyone returning to Norway from international travels defined as  unnecessary will need to implement their full travel quarantine duty period at a quarantine hotel. Read more on all rules upon entry into Norway at helsenorge.no/en/coronavirus.
  • For other questions related to entry, testing and quarantine, call +47 21 93 78 40 (from abroad) or 81 55 50 15 (from Norway).

Are you departing Norway?

  • Read more on travel restrictions and Coronavirus measures across all european countries here: reopen.europa.eu/en/

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Corona entry norway

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