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Here is a collection of our most frequently asked questions with answers and links to further information.

  • Can I get tested for Covid-19 at TORP?
    Passengers from all international arrivals can be tested for the Corona virus at TORP. The test center is located in the baggage hall for international arrivals. No need for an appointment and the test is free. All other passengers can be tested in the chek in area by the Drop-in Legene. 
  • What are the rules upon entry to norway?
    As a traveler, it is your obligation to familiarize yourself with all the Covid-19 related rules. All rules are found at helsenorge.no/en/travel. For other countries, go to reopen.europa.eu 
  • Can I buy a facemask at TORP?
    Yes, facemasks can be purchased at any food & beverage, in the Security control or at the gate.
  • I there free WiFi at the airport?
    Yes, log on to the free-WIFI-Torp wireless network and surf on the internet as long as you want, for free!
  • When does check-in open?
    Check-in opens 2 hours before scheduled departure.  Check-in on international flights closes 45 minutes before scheduled departure. Read more on check-in at torp.no/en/travel/check-in
  • Emergency passport?
    The Police at Torp are currently not able to provide emergency passports. This is temporary but until further notice, you need to contact the Police in Stokke for emergency passports. All other questions concerning visas and passports, must be directed to the police at: +47 02800
  • How can get in touch with Customs at TORP?
    If there are no customs officials present when you arrive at the airport, you may contact them at:  +47 334 28 200.
  • Is there a smoking area at TORP?
    The entire terminal is non-smoking. However there is a smoking area outside the terminal towards the parking P1. finish your smoking before intering the security control. 
  • Where do I return the Tax Refund form?
    Global Blue Tax Free forms are refunded at the Servicecenter, located before entering the security control. Out of opening hours of the servicecenter, return the form to the security control.  
  • I've lost my mobile phone, where can get it back?
    All items found at TORP are registered and made available within 24 hours on the online Lost & Found platform MissingX. The site is updated regularly. To search for lost and found, click on to missingx.com or read more about Lost and Found at torp.no/en/at-the-airport/lost-found.
  • Where can I get a taxi?
    You will find your taxi right outisde the terminal. Read more on their contact information at torp.no/en/transport/taxi
  • Where are the car rental agencies?
    You will find the car rental agencies outside the terminal. Turn left and follow the Car Rental signs past the P1 parking. Read more on contact information at torp.no/en/transport/car-rental
  • From where and when does the train leave towards Oslo?
    There is a shutle bus service from the airport to the train. You will find the shuttlebus right outside the terminal. The shuttle bus is included in your train ticket and takes you to Torp train station where trains towards Oslo (and Skien) depart every hour. Purchase your ticket on the ticket machine in the arrival area. Time of departure is found on the screen in the arrival area or you can check out the time schedule at VY.no
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